My cloud Os 5 android app can't stream hevc Mobile video file

Hi, I’ve an Ex2 ultra with latest os5
With android os5 app I can’t stream video of my oppo find x2 lite
Video type: hevc aac .mp4

I see a message: ‘‘this file audio format is not supported’’

How is it possible?
no problem with other video from other Mobile phone: h264 aac .mp4

Thanks for your support

Hi. I saw the following feature: if the video was uploaded via the Android mobile application (the format is not particularly important, I tried mp4 / hevc H.265 / H.264 / 4k / FHD / 30/60 FPS) it will be played through the same application. If the same video is downloaded via a web browser (or via a local network), then it will not be played “File type not supported” … perhaps this will be corrected.