My Cloud OS 3 android app issue with satellite router in mesh network?


I have an orbi mesh network at home. If MyCloud storage device is wire-connected to orbi router, I can access files after login without any problem from my android phone. But if the device is wire-connected to one of its satellite routers, it can find the device and prompt me for login password. But once I login, it says having problem accessing the device. I can access to the files from my macbook or TV thru DLNA without any problem either. Any idea? Thanks.

Is the android app trying to connect using cellular data (i.e. trying to access the My cloud remotely)? Or is it using Orbi WiFi to connect to the My Cloud?

If using cellular data, remote My cloud access, then check the My Cloud Dashboard to ensure the remote access connection indicates it’s connected.

If locally, check the IP addresses of the My Cloud and the android device. Ensure they are both using the same IP subnet range (i.e. 192.168.1.x). The My Cloud typically doesn’t like devices from other IP address ranges to access the device in certain cases.

Also if one moves the My Cloud from the main router to the mesh router/connection one may need to remove the My Cloud entry in the Android app and then re-add it.

Thanks for the reply.

I am using wifi data not cellular data at home. In mesh network, all router and satellite routers share the same subnet ip range of 192.168.1.x. That is exactly what I did. I removed the My Cloud entry in the android app after I moved it to the satellite router and re-added it. I was able to add it. It prompted me login and password. But once I was able to login, it prompted me if I wanted backup, I selected Not now. But right after, it complained about not able to access the device and asking me to make sure if the device is powered on or in the same network.

BTW, if I set it up on the main router first, and then move the device to a satellite router, it works. But only lasts for a few days.