My Cloud only available on one of two computers


I have two desktop computers running on my network at home. Both are running Windows 10. One of them, recently, had a problem and I was forced to re-install Windows. Now when I look on my network on this computer, it doesn’t show My Cloud at all as a “Computer”, only as a media device which won’t allow me to access all files. The other computer shows that My Cloud is on the network together with the first computer and my printer.
I assume it is a problem with the settings on the first computer, but can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Also, the second computer has the My Cloud program which gives instant access to storage. Can I download this program from anywhere.
Thanks for any help


@music4u2enjoy Try this and see if this is your problem.

Look at this for downloads.

Have you tried copying and pasting the program from one computer to the other?


Thanks, cat0w. I have done as you suggested and, hey presto, I can now access My Cloud through File Explorer. Thanks again!