My Cloud not visible to itunes?


I have a 2TB My Cloud which has acted as a store for all my music for several years, and up until recently this has worked fine with itunes.

My son has recently rebuilt our laptop with a new SSD, and whilst everything still works fine with the laptop and My Cloud drive and files are still visible to my laptop, they are not visible to itunes. When trying to add files to itunes, the network drive flashes up briefly and then disappears. I think we are now running windows 10.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please be gentle with me as I am pretty much a techie luddite, so any help checks, instructions may have to be very step by step!

Mnay thanks

Have you checked the Dashboard to make sure the iTunes server is on? See image below, mine is off. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Is the My Cloud visible and accessible (able to open Shares/folders) using Windows File Explorer?

If not then several of the suggested thing to check in Windows discussed in the following thread may help. In particular Windows 10 Specific Method 1 through Windows 10 Specific Method 5.

Also if one previously configured iTunes on the computer to use the My Cloud as the main iTunes media library they may need to check and ensure iTunes is still pointing to the My Cloud for it’s main library location. The following link, despite being for Macintosh’s indicates the general steps within iTunes to change the library location to an NAS device like the My Cloud.

Thanks Guys!

So, I’ve checked my dashboard and the iTunes server was off, so I’ve turned it on and did a rebuild. Still nothing.

So, if I try to browse for the MyCloud drive through File Explorer, I can find it, open music files and they open and play through iTunes! However, If I try to add files to iTunes, and browse to the Network tab, the MyCloud drive flashes up momentarily then disappears.

Totally stumped and getting mildly agitated, as my son has suggested wiping the whole thing and starting again! I really don’t want to do this!

That would still indicate a possible problem with Windows (if using Windows). As indicated above, if using Windows see the Compilation of Windows 10 Methods, Steps and Solutions link posted above for some general things to check. Also check any security or firewall software on the computer to see if that software is blocking access to local network devices like the My Cloud.

Also, when selecting the My Cloud on the local network using Windows File Explorer, make sure to select the My Cloud icon that looks like the following:

OK, starting to make a little progress!

Uninstalled MyCloud on the laptop and reinstalled. Everything still visible on laptop, but now iTunes sees MyCloud, not as a network drive but as a drive associated with the laptop. I can browse files on the drive through iTunes, but I can’t get iTunes to add them to the iTunes Library!