My Cloud not visible, blinking white LED

Hi I have a My Cloud 3TB, Bought about 2 months ago, been working fine until a week ago. All of a sudden it wasn’t visible in the network and has a slow blinking white LED, it sounds like the drive is spinning up and then stopping every few seconds.

I know the LED blinking is supposed be it doing its scans, but 1 its been doing this for a week, and 2 it should still be visible on the network.

Windows laptop, mac, ipad and android phones cant see it anymore. Checked on the router attached devices and it cant see it anymore either.

I have done a reset and no change

If the router can’t see it, try a different Ethernet cable and port on the router; they could be faulty (are you sure it’s white and not yellow LED?

But the drive spinning doesn’t sound good…