My Cloud not showing up in File Explorer

I have My Cloud set up on my Windows 7 computer.
I have added a new Windows 10 Pro computer to my system.
I can access My Cloud with the MyCloud.exe program.
I cannot see the WDMYCLOUD in Windows 10 File Explorer.
I even created a share with a different name, and I can see it on the Windows 7 computer.
Is there some setting I am missing?

Existing problem in Windows 10 since 1511. We’re waiting for a (future) fix.


You can, however, add a network location for each share on the MyCloud by openeing Windows Explorer, selecting [Computer] in the menu bar (at the top), then enter [WDMyCloud\Public] << (where Public is the share - see example below) and then you will have the share shown as a Network Location. You can also Map each share as well.


See the tacked thread at the top of the forum for various ways to try and fix the Windows 10 File Explorer issue…