My Cloud not showing as drive option in Time Machine

Hi everyone
I’m setting up my Macbook to use Time Machine for the first time.
The My Cloud shows in Mac OS finder and I can access it through the WD Smartware App, so I don’t think connectivity is a problem, however, when I use the Mac OS options to select a drive for Time Machine the My Cloud isn’t listed.
Any ideas most welcome!

Is the Time Machine option enabled in My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Mac Backups?

Thanks Bennor, that was it. I’d been trawling around the WD Smartware settings, forgot about the Dashboard.

Thanks again, all working now.

It’s now 2019. And after doing a lot of searching for the answer to this issue I finally came across your reply and tip, Bennor. And it worked!!

After being told I needed to resector the device and numerous other things, your simple tip did the trick. The only thing I would add is that I had to turn off the ‘enable’ and then reenable the permission. Working like a charm now.

Thank you.