My Cloud not saving webcam video files

I have two D-Link DCS-5029L webcams, one of which is configured to save video recordings to a shared directory on my My Cloud NAS and the other to a shared directory on my desktop computer running Windows 8.1. The D-Link configuration is simply labled as “network storage,” but it seems like Samba.

The webcams record 6 minutes or so, and then start a new file. It’s continuous recording, so they should just keep making 6 minute videos until the space remaining limit is reached (set at 200GB on the My Cloud, which has 405GB free). While this works on the desktop, i.e., I have files for each 6 minute increment, on the My Cloud the files are deleted each time a new one is written. So, the result is that on the My Cloud I only have one file, for the previous 6 minutes.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

Edit: Oops, sorry, wrong forum. I have a My Cloud Mirror…

Are the videos created with different names? Windows is able to to automatically rename files upon creation to prevent conflicts, but I do not believe this applies when storing files directly into a NAS without using a host OS.


Yes, each file is created as “Recording_%date%_%time%.mp4”. So, each one is unique.

Where and how is this file naming pattern being set? Please explain for both Windows and Mirror.