My Cloud not connecting

I have a WD My Cloud and it is the worst product I have ever bought. Not only has it been so slow to backup data but now I can’t even access the hard drive. I have tried reseting it, restarting my computer, calling customer service, etc. Nothing works. It doesn’t even show up in my Finder window anymore. I basically have a $200 paper weight now that includes all my pictures on it but I can’t access any of them. Even if I could access them, it would probably take me half an hour just to get to one picture. Seriously, worst product and worst company ever. If you’re going to make a product, it should work. This is affecting my livelihood as well, I’m losing money because of this product. Blue light is on and there is nothing I can do to access these pictures.

Let’s start with some basics.

What router are you using? Is it a gigabit router?
Do the Ethernet port LEDs on the MyCloud suggest it has made a gigabit connection to the router? Check the user manual for details of LED colours.
How is your Mac connecting to the MyCloud? Ethernet? WiFi?
If your Mac is connected to the router by WiFi, how good is the WiFi connection?
What diagnostic & remedial steps have you already taken? 4-second reset? 40-second reset?
Can you access the Dashboard?