My cloud not accesible through web

Dear WD.

I cant acces my My Cloud through the web.
Twonkey server and Windows explore acces works fine.

The web acces gives me 3 options:

1 Check power - This is on
2 Check firmware - I cant check this, because i need web-acces
3 Accept certificate - Site is in-accesible

Im affraid to cut the power, because thats bad for the system

Can u please help me with this issue?

Thank you

ps. We’re customers, not WD.

Are you using this IP address for the web?

Thanks Catow .
But i cant see your solution, but if you mean static IP then yes.

Web acces used to work fine before, i didnt change anything.
I just stopped working. I tryed on two different computers

@Bushwick Are you trying to get to your My Cloud on the Web by using a browser? If yes, then see this,

If you are using an app, which one?

You can check which version of firmware you have in the Dashboard. Are you able to open it?

I can acces it localy by typing ip adres. That works fine.
I Can check the firmware and is up top date (2.30.165)

But doen’t work anymore, i cant login.
Im not using a app.

Did you read the announcement link that cat0w posted?

@Bushwick If you clicked on the address I gave you in my prior post and the same in the change notice, below is what you should see.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Is this what you see and you are still not able to sign in?

Was this ever resolved, I am have the exact same issue, can access via the app but not through web?