My Cloud no longer automatically creating YYYY_MM folders?

Not sure if it’s some setting I changed, but pics I take on my Android are getting sent to My Cloud, only they now appear in a list below all of the My Cloud folders labeled YYYY_MM (ex. 2019_01), that were created automatically in the past (not manually by me). I’m assuming I changed something, and hopefully there’s a setting somewhere to get the folder creation back the way it used to be.

@DuxChux This has been happening for quite a while now. I create folders and move the photos into it.

@cat0w Thanks for the response, but this just started happening to me yesterday. In fact, My Cloud’s last automatically created folder was dated 2019_01 and ALL pictures taken on my Android phone in January 2019 were put into that folder by My Cloud, not manually by me. I sense the firmware was updated (by me?) to v04.05.00-327 yesterday and that’s when pictures started to appear outside of the 2019_01 folder (today is 1/29/2019). If my analysis is correct, then this firmware release is buggy.

It had happen to me the same way… why aren’t we getting answers from WD?