My Cloud, No folder names made (date)


Ok, Ive had wd photos installed for a long time, just changed phone and wd photos no longer available, instead this terrable app my cloud is there instead, terrable trying to change anything, keeps wanting to use the public folder, after a total clear and re install finally backing up to the correct location.

However, it seams there is no longer any folders made like before “2008_06” would normally be created at the start of a new month for june, now all photos are just placed in the main folder, will end up with thosands of photos over many months all in one location?

Anybody know a way to fix this? or a better app

Fed up with this now, just not usable like this


My Cloud Mobile App is the updated version of WD Photos provided by WD. And it shows all images in one location separated with the last modified date.


I wouldn’t say updated, the only sort is windows own. Still it’s download is around for the older