My Cloud NAS Login Memory

After we connecting to a NAS by filling in NAS login box of My Cloud app, the app will remember the login user name & password…we don’t need to go throught login process any more when reopen the app.

My Cloud app equipped with passcode protection when openning the app…this is the only sefty point.

If we uninstall the app and reinstall the app, the passcode protection function will be disabled. I’m worrying the NAS login information still save inside the PC/phone even your uninstall the app…the one who get your pc/phone can simply access to your NAS by simply uninstalling and re-installing app…because the app now has no more passcode protection.

I tested Android app…the passcode and NAS login information both gone after uninstall the app…this is safe. But not sure the PC and IOS app.

Same with the iOS app…  everything is deleted.    Never tried on the PC…