My Cloud nao aceita email para acesso via WEB

Pessoal, estou tendo problemas para cadastrar email para acesso naweb do meu my cloud. sempre retorna erro desconhecido (erro undefined). O que devo fazer?

Based on a rough translation:

Guys, I’m having trouble registering and web mail access my my cloud. always returns unknown error occurred (error undefined). What should I do?

What’s your NAS’s status under remote access? Have you tried checking your unit’s IP and DNS settings in order to ensure an optional connection?

My NAS is ok in the network via access all terminals access it normally. I could not register an email to provide access via the Internet. Every time returns this undefined error. He’s ip that was set on the router. I do not know what to do, so I came to ask for a help here …

Have you enabled Cloud Access on the MyCloud?

If you can’t get the MyCloud to establish a remote connection, you may need to look at your router, to see if it is blocking access to the required ports 80 and 443.

Once you have done this, you should be able to create a login code for each User: