MY Cloud Mobile app stopped backing up files with new iPhone

So looking at the large photo folder created from iPhone looking at the latest backup photo shows date last created July 23rd, 2018. There are many photos taken after that date that are not being backup.

Why are not photos taken after that date not being added to the MyCloud iPhone Folder.

All the WD App setting are correct.

Phone is iPhone 8 Plus and was put into service I believe close to that July date.


It seems but have not verified that when you put into service a new iPhone you need to reload the Mobile App and redo the download. After moving from an iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8 the iPhone 8 was no longer backing up photos for about 6 months.

Can someone verify if you need to redo the App when building a new iPhone.


It will hurt a thing to uninstall and re-install the My Cloud app on your phone so just do it.

See these links as well. READ AND FOLLOW CAREFULLY!

So this is really annoying. Does WD software even work??? Re-installed the WD mobile app on the new iPhone 8 and the app did create a new backup with all the iPhone photos to the WD disk.

However that was on Dec 9th. However, there are not any photos’s being backup past that date. Copied all the photos to another Folder so the iPhone backup folder is empty yet no new photos are being added past that date.

This app does not back up the photos as advertised on a ongoing basis.

Does anyone from WD support look at these forums since you can not talk to them anymore. Had a requirement to buy more disk to support infrastructure, but not with WD.

How do you make auto backup work. I should be adding photos to the WD disks as photos are taken.


Here is the ridiculous answer I got from WD support.

They clearly can not answer questions about their products, and either don’t read the support question, or are clueless about their work. WD needs to fix this.

Dear BOB,

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Rohny.

I understand that you are unable to access the My Cloud App on your mobile phone. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, and will try to assist you with best of my knowledge and resources.

There are multiple reasons for the issue you face. Few are as follows.

  1. My Cloud device is powered off
  2. Device was reset to factory defaults
  3. Unable to connect to my cloud servers
  4. Misconfigured router
  5. My Cloud device did not obtain an IP address from the router
  6. Filtered or blocked ports by the ISP
  7. Restriction by fireWall and/or end point protection software on the local network

In order to try and resolve the issue, please follow the link below.
My Cloud Mobile app displays “Network Connection Failure” or “Device Offline” Error message

In case the above link does not resolve the issue, please provide us the following information for further analysis.

  1. What is the operating system installed on your computer?
  2. What is the status of the LED of the My Cloud drive?
  3. Please provide us the screen shot of any error message.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

The My Cloud app only uploads newly added photos and videos when the app is freshly restarted from a completely off state. Off means OFF (not a minimized condition).,

I was having the same problems, last update was Oct 15, 2018.

I did change settings on my phone under Display&Brightness switching AutoLock to “Never”
and it worked.-- or so I thought

at least to the point of updating the upload/backup to yesterday, no photos from last night to this morning…

I took a picture of this computer screen just now and it does not auto back up immediately.
–so I then chose a manual backup from my camera roll

  • opened the app and pulled down on the picture upload screen and you will see a cloud appear at the top and start working - presumably to start backing up the most recent photos? nope did not work

but by looking at the PHOTO NAME - it appears there are many missing photos that did not upload, for example the photo names
IMG_5983.PNG then the next one uploaded to the backup is IMG_5986.PNG

so clearly there are Pictures in between that did not upload, and that I have confirmed by looking at the actual iPhoto app. they are there, but not uploaded

last night I did 5 consecutive screen captures - there is only one that the MyCloud

also Iphoto app shows 6089 photos and that numbering system stops at 5986 ?
so many not uploaded and that 5986 pictures naming on MyCloud app is not accurate either as there are many missing in between.
so the numbering system counts all the pictures but does not upload all of them.

This makes the backup system UNRELIABLE - and it should be addressed.
also the newer file extension .HEIC is cannot be displayed with the My Cloud app… this needs to be addressed.

I have an iPhone 7

I do hope they monitor this thread and address these problems