My Cloud Mobile App does not sync quickly with the my cloud with Xiaomi MIUI phone

Once I updated the App on the phone, the sync of my photos/videos begun to fail.
I checked logs on the MyCloudExUltra device and found nothing. The application stayed at “6000” photos pending synchronization …
I deleted photos from the mobile device and left only 1000 pending. It didn’t work either.

On my Xiaomi phone I checked the “Automatic Start” option for the APP, and it didn’t work either.
I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times … and neither.

Finally, the solution has been to enable the “Automatic Start” option and then Restart the mobile device.

Hope this helps more users.

As a suggestion for the developers of the mobile App, I would tell them to save some LOGS on the device and these can be sent or reviewed … especially if there are critical errors or simply to check if the application startup is correct or data is missing to consider that something is wrong.
Not being able to know ANYTHING about user errors is very very frustrating and makes you think about submitting very negative reviews about the product.