My Cloud Mirror won't start up

Hi All: Having a problem with a Gen 2 My Cloud Mirror. Got it on Craigslist and the previous owner assured me it was working. Put two known good drives in it (Hitachi Constellation ES 2 TB from my My Cloud EX2) and both HDD front lights are solid blue until until the top (power) light turns solid blue and then both HDD lights turn red. Its as if both drives were bad but I know they are good.

Can’t access the Mirror with WD Mirror program, WD My Cloud program or internet explorer, with or without drives, with a single drive in bay 1, or with other known good drives that work in my desktop and the My Cloud EX2.

Any ideas? The thing that flummoxes me is the solid blue HDD lights on the Mirror until it boot up and then they turn red.


WD Mirror program will not recognized a Mirror Gen2.

  1. Assuming My Cloud is connected to your router, go to and click “Get Started” and it should find something.

  2. If not, login to your router and get the IP

  3. Type the IP into a browser and login to the dashboard

  4. You’ll be prompt to create a volume (Format the disk)

Thanks for the reply. The mirror doesn’t get an IP address from the router and can’t be found with the WD discovery application. I’ll try through tomorrow.


Do the 40 second power off / pin press reset

Thanks again, yes I did that already.

OK, tried going to and the program cant find the My Cloud Mirror on my network. The previous owner said “it was set up as a static IP and won’t allow you to connect until you reset.” Well, I did the 40 second reset to no avail. Any way around this or any other ideas?

I reset the computer again and put in two known good drives and Bingo! - it’s now working. Thanks for everyone’s help.