My Cloud Mirror Windows 10 access problem

Hi, can’t access my cloud mirror device on windows 10. In my Windows 10 operating system, my cloud mirror appears in the devices section and I can connect to the interface. However, access to my cloud mirror in windows 10 network section is not possible. Other computers on the network can access. I want to login as \SERVER-NAS from my computer. Can you help me with this?

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If that is the network name of your device then you need to add a further backslash at the beginning. A single backslash will be interpreted as a sub-folder at the current location so \\SERVER-NAS is what you need.

In case you had already typed in a double backslash, I know that the forum interprets the first of two backslashes incorrectly as an escape and to make a double backslash you have to actually type in 3 x backslashes but thought I would post this just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

The other thing to try is using the local IP address of the MCM. You can normally get that from your router, the MCM web dashboard or an app like Fing.

Then in Windows Explorer just type \\192.168.x.x , of course replacing the x’s with the relevant IP address details. It should be equivalent to the above mentioned way, but also removes the need for name resolution by whatever is acting as the DNS on your network.

In Windows 10 MS have done a lot of (not necessarily positive) work on the networking, mostly the default removal of SMB1 due to the Wannacry issue and the general Swiss cheese nature of security in that protocol.