My Cloud Mirror Will Not Wake Up

Hey everyone! I’ve had a My Cloud Mirror, 6TB, installed and active on my network for six months now. I recently bought and setup a My Cloud, 2 TB, for separation of files between work and personal. Since the setupd of my My Cloud 2TB, I cannot access my Cloud Mirror 6TB anymore.

When I go into the WD Smartware software, I can see both drives and I can access everything and anything on the My Cloud 2TB, but Smartware only gives me the option to either “Wake this Device” or “Forget this Device” for the Cloud Mirror 6TB.

When I click on the “Wake this Device,” nothing happens at all.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nevermind. I rebooted the My Cloud Mirror and it came back as full access.

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I’m most glad your device is working properly.