My Cloud Mirror USB attached Hardrives cause freezing


I have the MyCloud Mirror (“MCM”). Its set up as one full drive. Its wired direct to my modem and then to a Nvidia Shield.

I have searched the forums database and was unable to find a similar posting.

In the past I have had 2 WD my book external powered hard drives attached to the MCM via USB, and it worked great.

However, in the last week when I attached the 2 external hard drives via USB it would only read one and not for long. They seemed to freeze or lock up the MCM. I would have to unplug the power cord and unplug both hard drives to reboot the MCM. After that the MCM would work only without the hard drives attached.

I should add that these hard drives are formatted correctly for the MCM and work flawlessly when attached to my desktop. I also will be using the USB hard drives to play files from and not as back up.

I’m not a very technical and am hoping someone can walk me thru some scenarios to get this working.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve never attached a USB drive to mine but IIRC the changelog for firmware 2.31.195, which I installed recently, mentioned something about a fix for problems with USB attached drives. What version is your MCM (Is that a Gen 2) on?

Ran into this problem many years ago.Just search for “Slow Dashboard” on and you will see a few articles that pretty much all say the same.

Whenever an external USB drive is attached, the My Cloud will index all the content which consumes large amounts of memmory and thus rendering useless. IE: you’re running out of memory.


  1. Turn OFF Cloud Access when attaching external USB Drives
  2. Turn OFF Twonky Media Server to conserve memory if not using it
  3. Turn OFF iTunes Server if you’re not using it
  4. Reboot
  5. Attach your USB drives and nothiing will index the content

Firstly let me thank you both for the suggestions.

the firmware is up to date.

I turned off all 3 of your suggestions, and rebooted (if that means unplugging power for 5 minutes). after attaching 2 subs I was able to see them for a few minutes and then it crashed again.

Hopefully there are some other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.