My Cloud Mirror unreachable except after reboot

I am having a big issue with My Cloud Mirror. It becomes completely unavailable, although it is powered on, plugged into the network and the drive lights are on. If I pull the power cord and then restart the device, it begins a consistency check (as is normal after a power loss, I believe) and I am able to access everything on the drive normally for a short time (less than 1 hour). The drives appear to be in good health. After that, it becomes unavailable again. I’ve tried a hard reset to no avail. Does anyone have any advice?

Hello dmiles,

I would suggest you to ensure that the device is getting uninterrupted power supply and internet connection for operation.

It’s actually when I intentionally interrupt the power that the device begins to work again for a short time. After that, it becomes completely inaccessible until I power cycle it again. The device does not appear to be losing power and it does not appear to be network related.

I have the same issue; it used to work fine after the hard reboot (usually taking a week or two to fall off the network). Now, it is visible and can be addressed through the browser, but the File Explorer can’t open it up to see the directories (so I can’t map a drive).

Yep this just started after the last update for me.