My Cloud Mirror unaccessable outside home

I have a My Cloud Mirror which is new, at home I was able to connect to it, upload files to it, everything works fine, at home. Outside home I am unable to to connect at all with my laptop (Win10) with the error ‘windows cannot access …’. I have mapped the mirror as a drive, that won’t work outside home, I have tried using various WD apps, that won’t work. With my iPhone I can access the photos on the drive with WD Photos but cannot access with My Cloud. I’m at a total loss and have spent many hours trying to remedy this issue. I desperately need this to work but I have now run out of ideas. I’ve been through the manual, configured as I beleive I should, I’ve read through many forums to find a solution but nothing will work. I’ve emailed WD but get no response, please, someone help…

Hello, frank_spencer

Well, I would like to inform you that the WD® My cloud will work perfectly in a home network and when you are on the other (remote) network that means you are not connected locally. You cannot access the device any more using the mapped drive. In order to access the data of the drive, WD® does have a portal that helps you to read and write the data on the Cloud all you have to do is to redirect to the over if you want to access the dashboard of the My cloud then we do have a knowledge base article which can guide you accordingly.

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