My Cloud Mirror - replacing drives with larger drives

Hi, I have the 4TB My Cloud Mirror, is it possible to add two 4TB drive or larger to the unit instead of using the two 2TB it comes with?


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Yes. There are details of drive replacement in the user manual.


Does anyone know what the process would be. I am currently running a 4tb Mirror in Raid 1 with only 100 GB left. The plan is to order two 6tb’s for replacement.

Process seems like it would be:

  1. Pull first 2tb (original) and replace with new 6tb, which should recognize the blank drive and start automatically rebuilding the drive with all the data from the second 2tb (original) drive.

  2. Once new 6tb is done rebuilding, pull the second 2tb (original) drive and replace with the second new 6tb drive beginning the auto rebuild function again.

Will the hardware allow me to have the original 2tb and a new 6tb installed at the same time at the end of step 1 above, or will I have to back up all my data and replaced both 2tb’s with both new 6tb’s at the same time, losing all the data in the process?

What say you forum?


@wbeamer20 since no one has answered this question, how did you make out with your upgrade? I was wondering the same thing you were.

I did not replace the drives as I could not get the technicals about doing
it. I ended up just buying a second 8tb that I periodically plug into my
Mycloud Mirror for backups. Both drives are formatted with one 8tb

I had the same issue and with some help solved this issue. After physically replacing the existing drives with larger capacity drives ( my case two 4TB replacing the 2TB) on a new unit so data loss is not an issue with me. After you repower the unit and wait a while you will get both drive status lights RED. You now need to log into your dashboard(in my case my previous PW worked with the login name “admin”; else you leave it-PW blank) and select storage icon at the top. you then scroll down to RAID and configure the newly installed drives in a RAID 1 configuration. Then you should see/be able to select via check box: switch to Raid 1>NEXT. Self test of the new drives will automatically start. You will get a few selections like: auto rebuild and by default uses all space on the array. It will then show the following info(my case) Volume 1 Raid 1 EXT4 3996GB Drive 1,2

Formatting in my case took about 15 minutes and then gave the status info as:
Volume1 EXT4 Raid 1 drive 1,2 3.93 TB. Some of my exact steps and wording may be a bit off but with less than this info I was able to follow the prompts and achieve success. Ignore the error messages that show up during formatting ( not accessible, power loss, etc as they are irrelevant during the formatting process).
The drives will be completely configured just like a new product from the WD store. public folders etc