My Cloud Mirror Questions

Good Afternoon,

I’m considering purchasing 2 My Cloud Mirrors. One will be used to back up the other through a switch. They will be isolated from the internet. Will that be an issue- will the backup features work without internet access?

As the My Cloud Mirror is a networking drive and you will be able to take backup of My Cloud Mirror on another My Cloud device over remote network. So it needs am internet in order to create backup over network,

Thanks… Could you please elaborate on that? It first sounds like you are saying it will work while being isolated from the internet, but then you say it must access the internet.

FYI the two My Cloud Mirrors will be connected to my switch along with the other machines.

It’s not something that I’ve tried but I would guess that the “Remote Server” switch in the “Network Settings” is where you should look.

Have you thought of using the USB connection to a separate external drive for this purpose?