My Cloud Mirror OS 5 upgrade done and now I cannot use the WD android app

The android app is still named OS 3 on my devices, and still works with another My Cloud single bay device that was not upgraded. But since I upgraded my My Cloud Mirror 24 hours ago to OS 5, after opeing the Android app, I try and select on the devices available list but it will not open it. It is working fine with Windows. Any ideas please

Uninstall the OS3 My Cloud app if you no longer need it, and download/install the OS5 My Cloud app from the Google Play Store.

many thanks, but I have one my cloud on OS 5, and the other I have doesn’t offer an upgrade is still on OS3. Is the OS 5 app backward compatible?

Install it and find out. Worse comes to worse you may have to have both apps installed on the mobile device.

Not that remote access to the OS3 My Cloud’s will be around for much longer. WD is killing off OS3 support (including remote access to OS3 devices) on April 15, 2022.

Support For My Cloud Changing

I have the same so I have both apps, the one for OS3 and then the other for OS5.

I have both a 1st (OS3) and a 2nd generation (OS5) My Cloud. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

Bottom line: OS5 app is not backward compatible for OS3 devices.

If you want to use both devices. . . .you have to use both old and new apps (until the old app is put to bed April 2022 - - -after that, the app won’t work anymore on a mycloud).

Thanks for the responses. I just got the email about OS 3 today … extremely disappointed … angry even !!!

I downloaded the OS 5 app from Playstore last night, and my password is not accepted, so I need to resolve that but the link provided wasn’t any help.

What really pisses me off aside from the above, is that WD didn’t tell me the implication of upgrading my second device to OS 5 would isolate it from my first device.

Thanks for all the help anyway