My Cloud Mirror on OS5 - can't add new user - "invite rejected" - stuck!


I can add a new user within the “Users” tab of the My Cloud device settings. Then I click the “Cloud Access” tab and assign an e-mail address for that user, and it sends them an invitation. The invitation is received by that e-mail address, and you click the e-mail link and sign up.

But then you get a message saying the owner has “rejected the request” (even though nothing has been actively rejected, nothing is seen on the admin side, and the request was initiated by admin).

You can’t use that e-mail and password to log into the OS5 app on ihpone.

When logging in direct to os5 mycloud dot com using the new user’s e-mail and password, it logs in but says “No associated NAS - we found your account but no compatible My Cloud NAS”.

I’ve tried using two different e-mails for the user, and deleting the user and re-creating.

All I’m trying to do is install the OS5 app on my wife’s phone so that she can upload photos. I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out so far! Any help appreciated.


EDIT: I should probably add that the My Cloud dashboard is showing as “connected(generating previews)”, cloud service switch is set to on, and I can access using the OS5 app fine on my phone both via local network and via internet).


Have you opened a case with support?
If yes, what’s the case number?
If not, please open a case, attach the system logs and include the following information regarding the iPhone.

Model, iOS Version, Carrier Network?

To workaround the issue, try clicking the invitation email using a different networked device such as a laptop or computer.

What was the solution to this? I’m having precisely the same problem with an EX4100.

I couldn’t find any way of making it work properly with my wife’s Gmail email address, I had to create a new email account with Yahoo to be able to sign in for her, don’t suppose which provider made any difference, but that worked to create credentials can log in with. Good luck. Let me know if you find a solution.