My Cloud Mirror not reachable


I am having the same problem, I was able to get to the device earlier this morning by using the IP method; but that no longer works from either of my 2 main systems. I have not fired up the other 2. Lights shows lots of activity with the router, all 3 blue lights are on on the front panel. I have lots of space left on the drive but it does get a lot of activity. Sadly, I have not backed it up to either my WD 8TB Backup or my Seagate 5 or 8 TB backups. I downloaded WD Access and it does not find it. Quickview and Acces just offers to show the About data or exit. 1 of my main reasons for getting a mirror and not just a My Cloud single was the safety or so I thought.

I have not tried to run any AV stuff on it, it just quit today.

All that I can add is



Same applies as above - if there’s a lot of activity then the MCM is probably too busy to support its own web interface.

The safest route is to just be patient and wait for it to finish what it’s doing, after which it should be reachable again. Also once it is done then ensure that any services that you don’t use/need are disabled, to prevent it cataloguing and doing other work spending resources and CPU time on stuff you don’t need.

It may be worth understanding why it’s busy though - if you’ve uploaded stuff which it’s dealing with then it’s clear, but if there’s no reason for it to be busy but it is could indicate that it’s being accessed when it shouldn’t be which could at worst indicate a network security issue.


Hello Darren,
There is not a lot of activity that should be going on as I am the only user and I have been unable to gain access until a few minutes ago. I logged in with my tablet and it all went well, then I tried logging in with my main laptop Win 10 Pro and it asked for my password, refused 1 password but accepted a second ID and same password so I am on with that system. I will now test with this main system but leave this reply open. It still locks up with this system, my main system. I uninstalled a piece of Samsung software on the working system, Drive Manager. I have a 1TB Samsung drive that I have in possession but now too small to use so it is now gone so software removed. I do have a Samsung NVMe EVO SSD that is in this system. I am also using a Logitech Ergo multisystem mouse with. My horror is that I have access to the drive from my slowest Ethernet connection, 100MBS, not Gigabit. So I can’t backup. Going to put laptop to sleep and wake up my 2nd server which has Gigabit. Try to use it.


I’d still strongly recommend you to turn off any services etc that you aren’t using and/or don’t need.

The main ones for me is the DLNA server, the photo/image support and the cloud services. All will consume CPU runtime (especially the first two when they are cataloguing newly added files of the relevant types) which makes things unresponsive.

It would be far better if the webserver had a higher priority or somehow was run separately from such things, but in the end the MCM only has one CPU and it’s not exactly a powerhouse, so it’s all too easy to lock it up and make things inaccessible if it gets sidetracked into doing other intensive tasks like these.


The 2nd big system is now copying all the data to my 8TB WD easystore unit and its taking 35 minutes to back up 200GB so I will be safe or safer. still no idea why the main system can no longer access it. I am using the main system to write all this. It tries the MS diagnostics to find why the unit is not coming online but can’t get past there.

In answer to your statements that I am reading now as you write them, there is no activity on the MCM, I do not use it for photos, mostly just videos and JPGs. It just loafs for the most part.


All Data has been copied, other systems can reach the unit but main can’t and they are all on the same router. My tablet can even reach it via wifi. I am going to take this instance of Win 10 down and bring up a MS Insider beta Win 10 release to see if it can get to the MCM.


I have access to the MCM from all systems but the main and that is where I need it most. I can use the Logitech Ero software to move all sizes of data through the network to go to the 2nd system to put it on the MCM but that is so cumbersome. I do want access to the MCM from my main system which is a Ryzen 7 2700 with 32GB DRAM and 1TB NVMe SSD. WD Access and quickview both can’t access it.


On the specific machine I’d check firewalls, anti-virus and any similar software which may be blocking or tying up ports which could stop communications.


I just turned all of Norton off for an hour and I still have the problem. It is consistent with this message from Windows.The%20MCM%20problem%20Manifestation%202018-07-13_18-31-46


That is a psuedo name, could it be different than others? I will try to see what the psuedo name is on the other systems. Do you know how to resolve that name???


If you haven’t given your MCM another name then that should be the correct one (you can rename it under the dashboard, WDMYCLOUDMIRROR is the default). If you have then that’s the name that needs to be used before the double-backslash.

My suspicion though is the Windows version you’re running on the problem box. MS have removed Samba1 support by default in the newer (1803) builds, and you might need to re-enable it or adjust the settings on the MCM to use a newer version of Samba (2 or 3).

Some of the recent windows updates have restored some of the functionality though as there were a lot of complaints and issues following the Samba 1 removal (removed due to security issues - search for Wannacry if you want the details).

So my suggestion is to check on your good and bad Windows servers/devices which version of Windows they are running, and whether Samba 1 support is enabled or not (in control panel under programs and features then Windows features).

If not then try accessing the MCM via its IP address (use \\192.168.x.x , inserting the correct IP address for the MCM which you can get from your router’s client table).


I am sure that it is with the new versions that Win 10 is running as my old version on the second system has a HomeGroup that is deleted from the new versions. I can see the other systems name in the list on the new version but I get the same problem in trying to access it. It is all in Microsoft shutting down all networking unless you are using Windows Server.

The units are definitely using different versions.

Also, the IP addressing method no longer works. It just times out. Samba 1 is not in the windows features as an option, just gone completely.

I may have burned myself by staying on as a Windows Insider testing mew versions.

I know that MS is pushing its OneDrive as a cloud unit but it should not render other units unusable. This is the nightmare that is coming to other users in the future if MS stays on this path.

I will search MS to find some kind of solution or complain very loudly.

Thanks and bye for now,


For reference I’m on Win10 Home version 1803 (build 17134.165) and I can see and access my MCM gen 1 fine (via a Fritz!box router). It’s fully up to date via Windows Update.

Also recently my list of network devices in Windows Explorer’s networking tab has reappeared after a fairly lengthy absence, so I know MS has restored some of the SMB1 functionality (which I have enabled as I have a few older devices on my network that unfortunately still need it).


Thanks again Darren,

I am on a Win 10 Pro using a build 17134. I am also using a ZTE Modem router but I can’t gain access any kind of way to MCM. On my old win 10 Enterprise, I can get to MCM via quickview. I am an Insider but I am planning my exit if I can’t find any other way to get to MCM. I do not note any list of network devices though I did momentarily see my second system on this unit but it refused to connect. It gave me the same result as trying to get to MCM when it briefly appeared. No access. as shown on previous exchanges.

So it may be my choice of going Ultimate/Enterprise or back off Windows 10. I lean towards the latter.


Yes, I have to say this is starting to look to me more like a network (or Windows 10) issue than something with the MCM itself to be honest…


Hello Darren,

I am in full agreement with you and I have contacted WD for assistance but they only gave me some of the things that I had already tried but I did try them again and sent them new screenshots of the unchanged results, their Rep, Max, requested that I try the Samba 1 change but it was already enabled so I just then ran the test with the same results. He said that he, Max, would get back in touch but he has not. I know that MS is at the heart of the problem but knowing that does not solve that problem. I need resolution.

You have been more help than I could have imagined so 5 STARS to you. I had a buddy at WD over here in Shanghai named Alex that I mistook Max for, I greeted Max as though he was that good friend, hope that did not scare Max off.

Thanks again,


Hey Darren,

I have a ZTE Modem Router that wreaks havoc with my Windows 10 using the latest version currently given to Win 10 Insiders. By accident, I just starting changing the ports that the various PCs were using and, voila, I now have my MCM available on the main system. I then did get a hang on my main laptop unit but doing more switching got it to clock in also. I am suspicious that the DHCP in the ZTE is not the best but, I am now a happy camper. The MCM is my private gateway to the 32TB of storage goods that I have so Yippee.

Thanks again,


Great news, no doubt at least until Microsoft change something again and screw it all up :wink:


Hello Friend Darren,

I owe you a big one for hanging in there with me as we tried all the tricks, the switching ports on the ZTE was just a hunch but since it worked, I am just thankful. I think that I will hard fix the MCM to be at IP 9 as I have a maximum in my lab of 8 other devices requiring IP’s. Because I do not allow visitors on the net, anything other is something I will not have/tolerate.

Best of the week to you, My Friend,



I am no expert like Darren but I do recognize that the number that you are addressing “” seems to be outside the normal default range, that is, 192.168.1,1-12, and I would think that it would default in that range unless you or someone has manually updated the setup within the settings on the MCM. Maybe, if you are still having problems, you can try that range to see if things change.

Best to you,