My Cloud Mirror - no vision

I have connected my WD Ckoud to my router, downloaded software, but on install system cannot see cloud on my network.

Using Macbook Pro.  Lights are blue as stated in manual…suggestions??

Rick - Have you read through the manual? On page 20 of manual, it lists the steps to access the Public folder on a Mac. That should be your first steps to access it. Did you try those steps?

Cybernut1, hi

No, I went through the online set up guide and downloaded it.

I’ll look at the manual and see what happens, will let you know how I get on.


I’ve looked at page 20, opened up finder and there is no ‘shared folder’ on my left hand menu?

Also, I cant get past the initial stages of linking my Mac to the Cloud device, eithe through online connection or through the browser connection.

I’ve connected the Cloud to all ports on my router including the Gig port.

Think this is going to be a tester for the me lol.

Amazing, my windows PC can see the cloud, but not my Mac???

Make sure you create an user acct. (using the dashboard) on the Mirror that matches the username and password of the user acct that you use on your Mac (that’s how my Windows acct is).

I don’t have a Mac myself (nor a Mirror…but I have the EX2 but the EX2 is very similar to the Mirror in features,  hardware and firmware) so I can’t test out the Mac-specific issue.

OK will look at that now.

Missed saying earlier that you after creating that user acct., you need to grant that acct. read (or read-write) permissions to the shares you set up on the Mirror.

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I got through on the dashboard, now…

Just got to read about backing up my data…phew!

Ta matey!

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