My Cloud mirror (GEN2) with 1HDD

Is possible use this cloud with 1HDD? I try it, but it isn’t working, blue LED is blinking. I try restart it (40 second restart).

HDD is new. Never used.

Hi jirkaj4,

You can use USB external hard drive with My Cloud Mirror Gen2 as a backup device, also can backup on My Cloud.

Here, If the My Cloud power LED is blinking blue, the file system check process is occurring. The file system check process must be allowed to complete before the unit can enter the Powered on and Ready phase, indicated by a solid blue power LED. Please be patient and allow the file system check to complete.

Hi Brandon,

Today it is 3 days when the device still blinks. HDD are new 2x WD RED 3TB. And if the device is blinking, I can’t connect to this device. Ok. I will wait next 3 days to check file system.

I found this solution.

*** 5. Format HDD if need:**

  • parted /dev/sda
  • mklabel gpt
  • mkpart primary 1049kB 2149MB
  • mkpart primary 8591MB -1MB
  • mkpart primary 7517MB 8591MB
  • mkpart primary 2149MB 3222MB
  • mkpart primary 3222MB 4296MB
  • mkpart primary 4296MB 6443MB
  • mkpart primary 6443MB 7517MB
  • q
  • mkswap /dev/sda1
  • mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3

But how to change those some lines for 3TB disc?