My cloud Mirror Gen2 was in bad shape and I tried to repair it and it became a brick.

First of all, I do not speak English, so I want to translate it into Google Translator and understand it.

My product is WD My Cloud Mirror Gen2.

Korea is more expensive than the US by more than two times. So I did not send it to Korea a / s center, but I decided to repair it and it became a brick.


We can not proceed from the red line. I’m not even finding my telnet connection and IP.
I have partitioned the HDD.Other products have a recovery image, but my cloud mirror gen2 can not be found.

I want to repair my product and use it.

I have tried all the methods I have answered, but I have not been able to. So I’ve done a lot of things in the community, but my my cloud is getting more and more strange.

I was fortunate to have recovered the original … but I do not know how to recover it. It is good because it can be recovered and used again.