My Cloud Mirror (Gen2) SSH Partition create

Hi ,

I have My Cloud Mirror (Gen2) and 2 x 4 TB WD NAS drives
The drives is Separate Drives NOT in Raid
These drives 1.5 Year old when bought "re certified Drives " and 1 HDD Failed "I have checked on PC and weird it is showing Smart Data OK But when scan was bad Sector etc Anyway

1 HDD in NAS works fine other HDD I can not format or do anything in NAS it is fail DTS "self Disk Check "
So When I take out HDD to check on PC i reformatted etc now NAS will not allow to put back

WD allow "bad " HDD to work but will not allow to format I do understand why and it is NAS device so if something wrong with HDD they want new HDD

I know what i will ask it is strange but and I know the risk

How to perform Force disk format in NAS My cloud OS5 ? skip DTS (Self Disk Check ) verification ?
I do think that it is possible format via SSH I have use command from internet and formatted HDD to ext4 partition but can not see the drive in OS5 Possible because OS5 formatting with encryption ?
and I do not know busy box at all just use commands from internet

Maybe someone know how to format HDD in SSH so OS5 will show this drive ?

Many thanks

Hi @NASfriend,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: