My Cloud Mirror Gen2 4 TB not Synching with OS5

Hello All,

One of the drives in my My Cloud Mirror Gen2 4 TB went bad so I replaced it. Each drive is 2 TB and I replaced the drive with the WD recommended Red WD Drive. The indexing from Web access took almost 2 weeks to complete but it did.

I have been trying to get the Synch to work but it still does not work. After multiple communications with WD Tech support (not impressed) the Synchs that I had on the drives before the failure do not work and any new synchs I create do not work either. I get an error saying, “Unable to connect to remote server”.

I can access all of the folders on my WD from my PC via File Explorer or via the MyCloud Portal.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Bill

@bpatters69 WD Sync has reached it’s end of life cycle.
WD Sync will not work and is not supported on My Cloud OS 5 at all.
GoodSync Free for WD Can be used instead.