My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 allows Cloud Service to be turned on via My Cloud ios app

I have a Mirror Gen 2 that has all Cloud Access turned off. This includes Cloud Service and Dashboard Cloud Access. I have another WD NAS (EX2) on my LAN that has Cloud Service turned on and is accessible to the My Cloud iOS app. Today I discovered that the My Cloud iOS app allowed me to find and login to the Mirror Gen 2 on my LAN that had Cloud Access turned off. Upon logging into the Mirror Gen 2, Cloud Service turned on. (I was shocked that this happened so I turned Cloud Service back off and went through the process again on my iOS app while watching the ‘Settings’ of the Mirror through the Dashboard. Cloud Service literally switched on as soon as I logged in via the iOS app and without doing anything in the Dashboard.)

Is this the expected result? It definitely is not what I expected to find and I think it could make the Mirror Gen 2 susceptible to attack that I thought I had mitigated by turning off all Cloud Access. Am I crazy to think I shouldn’t be able to remotely enable Cloud Access?

I was on my WiFi when I discovered this issue so to test a more ‘remote’ situation I turned off WiFi and utilized cell data to access the My Cloud iOS app. I was not readily able to discover the Mirror Gen 2 in this circumstance and therefore could not login to it and recreate what I experienced over WiFi (as described above). So that’s a partial consolation but I didn’t spend more than 2 seconds trying to access the Mirror Gen 2 while using cell data so who knows what a little effort could yield to an enterprising 3rd party…

[EDIT] FWIW - I checked the User Manual and couldn’t find anything that said this should be allowed so that’s the reason for my inquiry regarding whether this behavior was the expected result.