My Cloud Mirror (8TB Gen 1): Reset Device Still Can't Access Dashboard

Hi, I’ve been given a My Cloud Mirror, which was originally setup on Windows. I’ve not got the login details, so have followed the advice on WD, and reset the device.

Tried to login to the dashboard via http://wdmycloudmirror.local/ and via the IP address, both bring up the login screen. This should now be admin, and blank password, but it won’t let me login.

Repeated the above with 40 second reset, and this had the same result.

I’m able to access all files via Finder, whilst logged in as guest. I just can’t access the Dashboard, and reformat / delete the content, to start afresh.

Is anyone able to offer some advice, as to how I can access this please?


You could refer to the following link to ensure that the 40 seconds reset is performed properly: