My Cloud Mirror 8TB Disconnecting from network

My new 2 MyCloud Mirror disks keep disconnecting from the network during backup, it disconnect every few minutes, when I click on the mapped drive it comes back online, after few minutes it disconnect again, this fail the backup process

The disk has manual IP not using DHCP, I am accessing the disks from the MS Server 2008R2 .

Hi Arditi, Server 2008R2 is not a supported OS, this means that we cannot guarantee that the My Cloud will perform correctly. Just as a troubleshooting step, have you tried connecting the My Cloud directly to the PC to verify if the same problem happens? 

Thank you for answering ( jubei04)

It seems very strange that these disks are not supported on Server2008R2, I have another server2008R2 with 4TB Mycloud  version connected to the network and it works fine. On this server I connected the 8TB version and it works for few minutes and disconnect, If i click on the shared drive it connect back fast, when I start copying files to it, It disconnect after few minutes and sometimes it connect back alone.  Server2008R2 is not that old or absulete, how come it’s not supported, I mean it’s newtwork based device and not connected through USB directly to the server, it’s connected to the switch.

however I will try to connect it directly to the server on the second NEC and will let you know