My Cloud Mirror 4Tb / WD SmartWare Pro wont locate all source folders

Can anyone advise why WD SmartWare Pro / My Cloud Mirror does not see all the available folders on C:\ drive?

I am trying to back up .pst files from an IMAP account coming through Outlook, but either the Mirror or SmartWare cannot see the folder location for the .pst file when I go to the Backup tab under SmartWare Pro.

Backup file option has been selected rather than category. All files /folders are unhidden. File sharing is on. Using Windows 7

Source location for .pst file is C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook (SmartWare cant seem to see the User folder under Users)

Any help gratefully received.



Welcome to the WD Community.

Please make sure that the users folders are not protected.

Are able to backup the files using the category backup option?

Also note that Outlook .pst files are only backed up once every 24 hours for a continuous backup.

For a scheduled backup, Outlook .pst files are backed up according to the schedule.

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Thanks for this.

No joy, further reading has revealed that as my email is internet hosted I cant backup or move this folder to a location where the drive would detect it. Some code can be written in Windows 7 as a work around but life is too short!