My Cloud Mirror 4TB VS EX2 Ultra

Hi All ,

which one is better my cloud mirror or EX2 Ultra ,
i just bought my cloud mirror , and plan want to buy one more …
and also, maybe somebody can explain to me , ( newbie )
my Question , can i use my cloud mirror as a central data , i mean , i can share with another 2 or 3 computer but only few file ( so let say only 1 folder they can access it , its possible ? or how to limit it ? so another computer can’t access all the data in my cloud ?

thank you

HI savio299 ,

Yes, you can use My Cloud Mirror as a central data and can share with different computers. You can also give different permission to different shares like ( Read only, Read / Write, Deny access).

Please find the link below to know how to change permission of the share.

Also find the link below in order to compare the My Cloud products.