My Cloud Mirror 1st Gen: Max HDD capacity?

what is the maximum HDD capacity for the first Generation of WD My Cloud Mirror? (white body)

I bought the Drive with 2x2TB WD red.
Now I want to replace the 2TB HDD with 2x WD red 10TB “WD100EFAX” (no-Pro!)

–> Will this run without any problems?

I searched for the maximum load, but I didn’t find something.
On the other side I noticed WD sells the device only with a maximum load of 8TB…

Does anybody has more information about the maximum HDD capacity?

8TB is the maximum capacity that you can My Cloud Mirror first generation.

Don’t know about the Gen 1 device but it is is almost identical to the mycloud EX2 (not ultra) and I have just successfully installed 2x10TB Red drives in one of these. WD, like most manufacturers, tests the systems up to a certain spec and won’t guarantee anything more, simply because they haven’t tested it. This is especially true of Legacy/EOL devices.