My Cloud Losing Connection - Macbook

I have recently started using a Macbook - I have connected to MyCloud after some trouble with it not showing an address in an ARP -A search. I have rebooted the mycloud device several times and it fixes the issue mostly. Then after a day or two it dissappears again. It does not show an ip address after this happens.

Can anyone assist?

Hi randomhero24,

Try the below mentioned steps and check if still the issue persists.

1.) You can try 40 seconds reset on the My Cloud. Refer to the link given below to know the steps.

2.) Set a static IP address. you can refer the link mentioned below to know the steps.

3.) Make sure that your device is directly connected to the Internet router. There should not any switch in between.

4.) My Cloud EX2 comes with two ethernet ports, you can try plugging in the ethernet cable in different ethernet port.