My cloud live was not detected in new router

I was using My book live for long time and I was able to access it trough my windows an on my local network by other devices as TV android… I had a lot of videos on it.
But recently after changing provider and receiving a new router TP-link my book live is not detected inside router. All lights are on . When I logged to router TP-Link under wired client only my PC is detected with its IP address. If I connect Personal cloud from Seagate , that device is detected with its IP address.

I was trying to connect the My book live directly to computer ( windows 7 desktop) but it is not recognised by that way also. Typing ipconfig in cdm does not detect new network device.
I have plenty videos on that device and I would not like to lose them.
is there any WD tools to allow connection directly to device if there is some corruption.
To repeat , when I did not see my book with it IP address in my windows 7 explorer , and could be some issue that my antivirus is blocking the access due to ne change ( new router). I can access router an have a look ethetnet connections and only my PC is detected there ans Seagate personal cloud. If I disconnect personal cloud only PC is detected , not my book live.

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