My Cloud LED is Red Again and Can't Reset!

Help! I bought the My Cloud about more than a year ago, and yesterday I found the LED was red. After trying to resetting it a few times, I managed to get it back to working order but now the LED is red again. Is there anyway I can fix this? All my family pictures were inside and I really need to make sure the data is safe.


Please login to the dashboard and check the Alerts in the upper right hand corner of the screen to determine the cause of the RED LED and take appropriate action.

I tried to log into the Dashboard but received the following response “wdmycloud’s server DNS address could not be found.”

Use the IP address of the My Cloud.
If you don’t know it, check your router or you can download WD Quickview and get the IP

I managed to find the IP but it won’t connect. Its The drive
now has a white LED but is totally silent. Am getting nervous…

Here are the phases of LED on My Cloud 04.04 firmware.
The white LED could be the file system check running and could take a bit of time.
Best case if not to power cycle the unit.
Worst case, the OS is hung

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