My Cloud & LAN network

Hello. I have problem with LAN network, i have one wireless router and two switches in my network i dont know how to map network drive on my PC. Here is photo of my network.

Do i need to do something with my drive or network?

Are you running Windows or Apple?

Are you able to see the My Cloud? (Ping or log into the router for IP addy)

Any info would be helpful so we can help. :wink:

I’m using windows 7 on that PC. And when i connect to wireless router with Laptop thru WiFi or LAN, everything is OK, and i can map a network dive (laptop run on Windows 10).

Problem is when, when i try to access thru 2 switches.

Can you ping the My Cloud when you are wired and on wireless?

Can you check your routers IP table and see what the address is of the My Cloud (Using no switch, then 1 switch and then 2 switches). Also there have been many posts about Windows 10 and the My Cloud … search the forum.

First, why do you need the two switches?

Second, from what I see on your images have you tried connecting the one switch to a Ethernet port on the router instead of what appears to be the internet port.

From what you are showing I have the same setup, less the two switches, a desktop and a laptop, but both are wifi 802.11ac. I do have some other items on my network which are my Garage Door opener connected by Ethernet cable, cell phone and media players connected by wifi. My modem is connected straight to my router into the internet connection.

They do make books that tell you how to do this. My two favorite stores for buying books are Barnes and Noble, and Hastings. I have a computer library of books and one for networking that I own is Cisco Networking Essentials.


Is your wireless router really just a router? Or is it a modem/router? Because that’s what it looks like, and it looks like you’ve connected the first switch to the ADSL or cable port of the modem/router…

And are your switches just switches? And, if so, what modem are you using to get access to the internet?

Like the other suggestions, I’d try making the connection much simpler, and then make it more complex and see when it breaks.

  1. connect your MyCloud and PC to just one of the router/switches, and see if you can find the MyCloud from the PC
  2. then add another switch in the way, and see what happens. Debug if you can’t.

Finally, what are the LEDs on the front and back (Ethernet port) of the MyCloud doing?


  1. maybe just try connecting the first switch to one of the yellow ports on the wireless router…

Your internet connection needs to be connected to the router. The way you have it set up your PC gets its IP address from the internet and your MY Cloud gets its IP address from the router.
No need for either switch.


That’s a rather strange setup with your internet going into a switch rather than the router. Based on that drawing its no wonder the PC cannot access the My Cloud due to the My Cloud being behind the router firewall and on the local network, and the computer being in front of the router firewall and outside the local network.

Typically, based on the devices in the drawing, one connects the Internet to the Internet/WAN port on their router, then connect the My Cloud to one of the four network ports on the router, then connect once switch to one of the three remaining router networking ports, then connect the second switch to the first switch, then connect the computer to the second switch. There by ensuring everything is on the local network and behind the router firewall. Ensure when connecting a switch to either another switch or the router that one uses the right port on the switch. Some switches have a dedicated port (often called uplink port) for connecting to another router or switch.

Edit: I would think one would want the network to be setup like the following crude drawing).

Thanx to you all for suggestions. OK, probably the best way is answer from RAC, but here is more about my network:

So this is in my school building, and every router and wireless router is in the different room,
a) on wireless router are connecting 12 laptop thru WiFi and 2 computers thru LAN
b) on first switch i have 6 PC connected with LAN
c) on second switch i have 1 PC, and 3 Multi-point Servers with 10 clients, so 30 clients
d) to second switch is connected ADSL Modem.

My goal is to map network drive on (a,b,c only PC) a - is working fine

In your first post you indicated one router and two switches, in your later post you indicate three routers. Are two of the three routers configured as switches/hubs? Or are they configured as their own local network using different IP subnets from the first wireless router?

When stringing multiple router’s together and one wants to have traffic pass from one network to another it typically involves some heavy duty configuration and setting changes on the down stream routers to allow traffic through their firewalls.

I would connect your internet access to your router (using the ‘internet’ port to make sure your router’s firewall is being used).
I would then daisy chain your Ethernet switches to your router.
I would connect all client devices to either a switch port, or any spare router port.

Ah; just as Bennor has drawn.

Oh mistake, on my previous post b) , c) and d) are not routers but hey are just switches

Yes beside of this switches on photo i have one more switch and finally ADSL router/modem so internet is far away from my WD cloud drive.
My network is organized really bad. So i will connect my WiFi router with ADSL router/modem directly, and from that WiFi router i will connect rest of my network.
Oh, well i have some work to do :smiley: