My Cloud keeps disconnecting on Linksys Velop

I just bought the new Linksys Velop but my WD My Cloud keeps disconnecting from it every 6-9 hours. I didn’t have this issue with the Amplifi HD or my Linksys 9500. Has anyone else had this issue? I use the My Cloud for Time Machine Back Ups as well as for all my iTunes movies so this becoming very frustrating.

Have you assigned the My Cloud a static IP address or reserved a static IP address for the My Cloud within the Linksys Velop? If not try that and see if the problem continues.

Also in certain cases connecting the My Cloud to a switch then connecting that switch to the router can solve certain disconnection issues.

I’d also check for any IP address conflicts.

I had to swap out my router recently, and, even though I have it set to accept a DHCP allocated address, for some reason, it hung on to the original IP address, and the router had given that address to something else. When I accessed the MyCloud, it would re-appear, but it kept disappearing. The MyCloud did not appear in the router’s network map display, which prompted me to investigate.

I suspect the MyCloud didn’t get a new IP address because it didn’t reboot.

Not to come across as dumb but do you know how I do that?

Is this something I do with the WD mycloud or within the Velop?

To set a static IP address within the My Cloud see the My Cloud User Manual (, The My Cloud Dashboard Help, or see the following WD Support Knowledgebase document:

To reserve an IP address for the My Cloud within the Linksys Velop administration page, see the product user manual for that device or the embedded help within that products administration page. One can find that information by performing an internet search. Or see the Linksys Support site:

Additional WD My Cloud help or to find additional information see the WD My Cloud Support site: