My Cloud keep shutting down wifi?

BowHuntnFool wrote:

… As soon as I plug MCM in again all machines in home lose connection to wifi (internet). As stated yesterday I was able to see the MCM through network (wifi) and I was able to copy files to MCM over network (wifi), while it is in this state of no Internet connection.

Ok, you’re contradicting yourself…  it’s making it difficult to track what your symptoms and problems are.

If “all machines in the home lose connection to wifi”, then it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to copy files to MCM over network … because you said every machine loses connection.

Also, WiFi and Internet are NOT the same thing, yet it seems you’re using the term interchangeably.

If I had to guess, NOTHING is losing WiFi – it’s just your INTERNET connectivity is going down??

Before last week, all devices in my home which consist of 3 laptops, 3 ipads, 3 iphones, 2 TV’s, 1 printer use a single router to access the Internet. Only item plugged into the router was the printer. All three laptops could print through wifi to print things. No device had any connection in any way to share files. When I introduced the MCM to the home router to try to establish a network system for storing files between all devices the problem started, where all independent devices would loose connection to internet. As I stated the wifi seemed to stay running because I could see the MCM on my laptop and could still transfer files to MCM. My laptop would no longer be able to get on internet. My phone would show a wifi signal but give me a error saying network down. My wife would lose connection to work, accessing files on her company’s server. My boy who would be playing XBOX online would yell from the basement “wifi is down!”  I may have worded things wrong describing my situation, because this stuff is not up my alley. But enjoy the self inflicting pain of stepping out of my comfort zone to do things myself. The only way I could get my wife and boy happy was to unplug the MCM, then cycle the power to my router, everyons connection to the internet would come back and they are happy again untill I conect the MCM to router and the process would repete again.

OK, so the next test is to take one of the laptops and connect it to the router via a LAN cable and not by wifi (the same sort of cable that the MCM uses to connect to the router - you can purchase them quite cheaply if you don’t have a second one handy). Check that it is working fine and can access the internet, then plug in the MCM also via a cable onto another port on your router.

If all goes as per past reports, your access to the internet via the wifi-connected devices should die, but the question is whether the internet access from the laptop connected via the LAN cable also dies or not. If it does then the router is your issue rather than the MCM. As stated before, the MCM should definitely not affect your router at all like this, and if connecting something to its port causes your router to drop its internet connection then that’s a router fault.

To be clear, from what you’ve described, you’re not “loosing wifi” as your computers/iPads within the house can still all talk to one another - ie your wifi network is still in place and your devices are still connecting to it. But what is happening is that your router/modem combination seems to be losing its connection to the wider internet, and so the XBox and the other devices can no longer talk to the remote servers for gaming and for web pages outside of your local network (ie outside your house, on the web). All of that is managed by your router (with communication over the phone line via your modem), hence why we suspect that this is where the problem lies rather than with the MCM itself.

And to answer your earlier question, personally I use a Netgear D6200/AC1200 device without any problems at all. It’s a fairly good and quite cheap (~£120 or so in the UK) modem/router combo device, and works a gigabit ethernet speeds (it’s 802.11ac protocol spec). The least you should look for these days is 802.11n spec which is the next tier down, but still a tier above your current router (the speed specs are a, b, g, n and ac in increasing speed order). They are backwardly compatible for older devices, hence your current router can go at a maximum of 802.11g (with backward compatibility with 802.11b and 802.11a) whereas mine can cope with all different devices up to and including 802.11ac. All routers these days should be at least 802.11n spec, as should all the wifi devices that they talk to. Hence if you update your router you may well also find that the internet access speeds of your XBox and iPads also improves as they will certainly be at least 802.11n spec already.

I attached my laptop to router yesterday and when the MCM was plugged in, internet connection was lost. Looks like a new router is in my future.

Dumb question – what are you using as your INTERNAL IP subnet?

I’ve heard a few cases where people were using “non-traditional” (though still valid) IP space on the inside network and had similar issues.

Traditional subnets would be:




The issue came in how UPnP worked on their routers when using non-traditional IP space.

 I will have to look. My router is set to factory setting out of the box. Only thing I have ever done to it is name , disable the brodcast of signal and change the user and pasword.