My Cloud keep shutting down wifi?

Got My Cloud up and running and a few hours later noticed my wifi went down. Cannot get wifi reset untill i unplug the My Cloud. When i plug My Cloud back in, it knocks the wifi down agan. Any suggestions on why this is happening?

Not following you - the Mirror connects to the router via ethernet cable, no wifi is involved. Are you talking about the computer you are using to connect to the Mirror, which might be using wifi? In any event, whatever you meant, it is a good practice to assign a static IP to your Mirror on your router using the router’s web-based admin tool. That way your Mirror will get a fixed internal IP…always. Consult your router’s manual to see detailed steps to how to set that up.

Guess I should clarify myself. The MC is plugged in the router by Ethernet cable. But after I plug in the Ethernet cable to the router, I lose my wifi signal causing my 10 year old to start screaming from the basement that the x-box lost wifi connection. Only way to reset wifi is to unplug MC Ethernet cable then reset wifi. As in setting up a static IP for the My Cloud, it is to my understanding it is better to set up DHCP instead, and let the router DHCP assign a fixed IP address to the NAS. This is all out of my comfort zone setting this up, but thought I would give it a try. I purchased this device because I was made to belief this would be one of the easier NAS systems to set up. I will get the manual back out and start over and see if I can get a different result. If not may have to bring in a professional, my neighbor who works for beer!

DHCP is the default Out-of-the-box state of the My Cloud.

That said, I would worry that there’s something wrong or misconfigured on your router.

Even if the Cloud was a burning ember, there’s no excuse for your router to throw out wireless connections…

Agree with Tony’s opinion - seems like something is misconfigured on your router. One possibility could be, that when you plug the Mirror in it has a fixed IP set (on the Mirror itself - not the router) that could be conflicting with the IP doled out to the Xbox by the router. Unplugging it seems to aleviate that. But if you haven’t mucked with the IP settings on the Mirror itself, then that shouldn’t happen and perhaps the issue is with something else on the router.

As for static IP - I was NOT talking about assigning static IP to the Mirror by making change to your Mirror’s IP settings. But I was talking of assigning the staic IP (for the Mirror) on the router itself. Your Mirror should be set to use DHCP out of the box - that should be left as-is. I was recommending that you go into your router’s web-based admin console and set a fixed IP to the Mirror that is connected to it. Depnding on your network IPs, let’s say it is in the subnet - then you can assign it any unused static IP (i.e. an IP not in use by any other home devices) you like - say (or whatever upto 255) to the Mirror. Then on rebooting the Mirror, when it connects to the router, the router will always assign that same IP to the mirror - it has basically reserved that IP for the Mirror (using the MAC address of the Mirror as the unique identifier). This should prevent your router from using that IP for any other device. It is a good practice to d so. And again, this change needs to be done entirely on the router - a very simple chage - nothing needs to be done on the Mirror.

That wouldn’t explain losing wifi, unless it’s very specifically one device (the XBox in this case) only which is losing connection and that happens to share the same IP address. But as you say if the MCM is getting its IP address via the router (whether that is a fixed address or a dynamic one - technically “static IP” is defined as being configured in the end device - the MCM - and not assigned by the router via DHCP - what you refer to is fixing the IP in the DHCP assignment table which is similar but not quite the same).

To be clear, is it only the XBox which loses its wifi connection to the router, or does the whole wifi network die (ie nothing can connect via wifi at all, everything goes down)? If it is an IP address assignment conflict I would expect more a warning/error to appear on the devices in question rather than a loss of connection (is there anything appearing in the MCM logs when all this happens, or on the XBox aside from a dropped connection error?).

I would also agree with the comment above that the MCM shouldn’t make a difference at all to this. If you connect something else (a laptop for example) to the same ethernet port where you have been connecting the MCM, does that work correctly and not kill the wifi? Similarly if you connect the MCM to another port on the router, what happens?

DarrenHill wrote:

technically “static IP” is defined as being configured in the end device - the MCM - and not assigned by the router via DHCP - what you refer to is fixing the IP in the DHCP assignment table which is similar but not quite the same).


You are correct - what I was describing isn’t technically static IP but rather reserving an IP in the router’s DHCP table, but yes, the end result is the same…the device gets a fixed IP. I personally prefer doing all IP assignments on the router because then 1) all IP configs are centralized on the router and 2) it is primarily a router’s job to dole out IPs in a DHCP setup - so setting aside IPs for specific devices is best done on the router…let all client devices ask for the IP as they normally do in a DHCP environment and let the router do the job of IP assignment, rather than client devices telling the router, please give me this fixed IP or that fixed IP.

Fully agree (it’s how I have my network configured at home too), but I wanted to be clear on it as if you do truly set a static IP address (configured in the end device) then you have to remember to exclude the set IP address from the DHCP pool, or else you can get the kind of conflicts that are described when the router assigns the same IP address to something else on the network. From experience that’s the most common cause of such IP clashes.

Anyway, to BowHuntnFool - can you confirm the following points please:

  • When you “lose wifi” - does the whole wifi network stop being broadcast (SSID no longer visible and all devices disconnect), or does it remain broadcast but the devices connection to the router and/or the internet is lost?
  • Are all devices connected by wifi affected, or is it specifically the XBox?
  • When it happens are there any meesages or log file warnings appearing on either the MCM dashboard/logs or on the XBox?
  • If you connect the MCM to a different port on your router, does the same thing happen?
  • If you connect a laptop or other ethernet-connected device to the original port on the router, does the same thing happen?
  • Which router do you have (Make and model, plus firmware version)?
  • When the MCM is connected, is it accessible correctly via either your network directly (SMB/Windows share) or via the WD apps/programs?

Great News. I started over last night and its working! I moved the cable to another port reloaded everything and BAM, up and running. Dont know if port was bad, or I proved the ■■■■■ proof part of this wrong. To answer a few questions that were asked  - Have a Linksys WRT54G

             - Every device in house would lose conection to wifi

             - No log file or messages

             - Firmware of router ???

             - APPS/ programs

 Thanks for advice from everyone to help me through the setup of this device. Got my iphone synced and can access a file I put on network. Now I need to get a feel for administrating and hooking up other devices, do I want to use to backup files on computer, or move files from compuiter, or both? Any sugestions on What Not To Do from those who have done somthing and wished they hadn’t.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: Sounds like your router may have a dodgy port though - I would wonder if there’s a bad connection in there so that when you connect a cable to it then it shorts out the wifi card or something in the router.

For your other request, it depends quite on what/how you want to use the Mirror. In it’s default mode (RAID1) the two drives in the MCM will mirror one another, so you can move files there and if one drive dies then you can replace and recover using the second. But of course if you accidentally delete/corrupt the file from one, then it also gets deleted/corrupted from the second too. The key point here is that moving a file from your computer to the MCM isn’t backing it up as you still basically only have one copy, although using RAID1 you have some protection against drive failure.

The thing to also decide is what mode you want to run the MCM in. For example I use mine in JBOD mode, basically using the drives completely separately. That way you get the full capacity of both drives available (if you use RAID1, then for 2x 2GB drives you get a 2GB virtual drive due to the mirroring), but they are independent and don’t mirror one another. In my case I use one for media/picture storage and the other for Smartware backups. But I also have a second copy of the media/pics on a separate MyPassport drive and of course the Smartware items are still on their original machines, so I have duplication that way.

It’s best to decide what you want to do before you populate the drive, as switching modes requires the drives to be formatted/erased and so you’ll lose any data on them.

I know I want to leave in RAID1. I have the 8 terabyte model. So 4x4 should be plenty of storage for a while. As of know I will copy a few files over so I have a feel for how this sharing of files along with a reliable backup to my computer. Which I have lost hard drives twice in my laptop over the past three years. Which is why I purchased this device. One I was able to recover info from the other a complete loss. I may use part of the drive to store an image of laptop current hard drive, and update every so often. Also migrate my music library over. Load home movie DVD’s on so I can access them through smart TV. Also plan on future videos to be stored on hard drive and no longer burning DVD’s to watch. Hope that don’t come back to burn me! So for the near future, I may be storing some files multiple times, but should be able to clean up and remove in the future as I feel more comfortable with the storage on a network and not within the computer.

Problem is back!!!:smirk_cat: Notices this time, I was able to access cloud drive when internet connection was lost by other divices in house. I was able to keep coppying files over to cloud from laptop? So think problem is modem conection ? Getting frustrated with this, and thinking if I should go another route for a backup server? Loved it when it worked for about four days, but down days are outnumbering the days running!!!

It does sound like a router issue from what you described before, especially as it seems to be quite an old router and not a particularly fast one (only 802.11b/g if my Google-Fu is working).

To confirm - is it simply connecting the MCM that kills the wifi, or is it when something is actually accessed or moved to/from the MCM that everything collapses. The only other thing I can think of is that if it’s during a file or data transfer only then the router is putting all the bandwidth to the MCM connection and starving everything else and so they disconnect. Doesn’t sound very likely, but it’s the only thing I can think of that might give something like this.

… and another question that’s not clear to me – you’re saying your WiFi goes down.

Is it ONLY your WiFi connections that go down?   Or do devices / PCs that are WIRED to your router go down, too?

If wired is affected as well, then the problem is definitely your router.

Other devices lose conection to the wifi , or maybe i should say conection to internet through the wifi. The laptop I am on will lose conection to the internet, but keeps conection to the MCM because I am still able to transfer files to the MCM through the wifi. Only way I can establish conection to internet on my laptop and other devices is to unplug the MCM and restart the modem and router. I found a post on this sight that sounded familiar to this and it was some settings within the router. I got in there last night and changed a few things, but no luck. In fact I was able to not even see the MCM on network after I was done, so will need to reset back and go from there. May have to call WD support this weekend and see if they have any sugestions. What makes me mad is this worked great for about 3 or 4 days, and back to same problem???

That wasn’t quite what Tony asked, and his question is a very valid one.

If you have a PC connected to the router by LAN cable, does that also loose internet access when the wifi-connected ones do? As he said if it does then there’s definitely an issue on your router.

Also when the wifi connected machines lose their internet connection, if you go to the dashboard page of your router (usually or does that give any indication of a lost internet connection? Most routers will display some sort of connection information either on their main dashboard landing page or a page connected from it. If it shows there that there’s a connection issue between your router/modem and your ISP then I would definitely suspect you have a senile router.

I will try my computer tonight with it wired into the router and see if it matains internet conection. I was in the dashboard page and could see the other machines in the router. I am begenning to think about just updating the router. The one I have is about 8-10 years old (WRT54G), and maybe it needs retired. My modem is a Motarola SB6121 and was updated within the year. If I was to try a new router, any sugestions on one out there?

Went home on lunch and plugged the laptop into router with LAN cable. Started up the MCM and immediately lost connection to internet. Was not able to establish internet connection again until unplugging MCM and resetting wifi.

BowHuntnFool wrote:

…plugged the laptop into router with LAN cable… Was not able to establish internet connection again until unplugging MCM and resetting wifi.

Ok, I’m confused.   If you were plugged into the LAN then why would you have to reset WiFi?   WiFi has nothing to do with what you just tested.

When my Internet connection goes down, nothing is able to access Internet through the wifi until I unplug MCM and reset router and modem. After this is done every machine in house picks up wifi signal and business as usual. As soon as I plug MCM in again all machines in home lose connection to wifi (internet). As stated yesterday I was able to see the MCM through network (wifi) and I was able to copy files to MCM over network (wifi), while it is in this state of no Internet connection. As of now I cannot see the MCM because I messed with enough settings that it no longer shows up in network connection. I think I am going to do a restore to factory settings on MCM and star over with it. I do not think the drives will be formatted with this, but if so, I am not to concerned about losing files on it as of now because anything on it exists on computer still. It is about time for me to hire a professional.