My cloud keep loosing sync with My_Book connected to it


I have My Cloud HD 2T connected to my router (netgear) and prefoming as a DLNA for my media files.

I’ve connected to the My_Cloud (via USB) an additional My Book HD 2T.

After first configuration, define My_Book as an additional share public library, everything works OK but after couple of hours (idle maybe?), the My_Book data is loosing the sync with the My_Cloud media server and even forcing the DLNA rescan doesn’t recognize the My_Book files. at the same time, I have no problem browsing to the My_Book and save new files into it so it doesn’t seems any problem with it (it is ON and active). in addition, the My_Book appeares in the My_Cloud dashboard as a Share library ans status OK.

the only thing that seems to work for me to sync back the My_Book files is to unpug the usb connection between the 2 HDs, connect them both together and to activate the DLNA rescan.

how can I fix this problem?




Welcome to the WD Community.

You can try accessing the twonky interface by putting the IP:9000

Go to advance, expand the Rescan Interval and remove the -1 to 0

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Hey ERmorel,

thank you for your reply.

how do I get into the advance settings?

currently I’m using the web interface: http://wdmycloud/UI/ to access the My_Cloud settings.



You need to access the Twonky UI by using the drive ip ( Driveip:9000 )


got it.

but, if I understand correctly the -1–>0 change is that there won’t be an automatic scanning at all.

does it means that I need to do a manually scanning every time the files has been changed (add/remove)?


It didn’t help my problem and I still “lost” the MyBook files.