My cloud issues with iOS devices (error 416: likely timeout problems)

i recently purchased a WD my cloud 3TB device.  The set up was easy which is always a bonus in life.

i installed it on 4 devices:

  1. an old PC running winXP

  2. a new mac laptop

  3. iphone 4s running ios 7.0.x

  4. ipad 2 running iOS 7.1

all devices are connected via wifi.

i can upload images and videos from my PC and mac without any trouble (thus far).

however, yesterday i uploaded a video from my ipad and things went well.  Subsequent attempts to upload images/videos from either iOS device failed (error 416).  The images were incomplete.  more than 3/4 of the image was grayed out.  I suspect that this is some sort of a time out problem.  Video’s were also a failure.  i have attempted both wifi and 3G from my iphone with similar failures.

Part of the reason i purased this device was so that I can easily transfer work images/videos to my cloud without any problems.  This is rather important for my job.

Also, while I have your attention, I think that the iOS app could benefit from a “copy to photo’s” option.  I would like to be able to take the images/video that are on my cloud and move them from the cloud to my photos app on my phone.  I can use a run around by copying things to my dropbox/google drive and subsequently save them to my photos, but this run around seems unnecessary since this option should be easy to implement with the mycloud app on my iOS device.  I don’t want to e-mail myself every photo since, again, this is mostly for work, and i need to be able to transfer photos and videos for my clients easily.

My cloud drive firmware is uptodate as of sunday march 23rd 2014.  i’ve had the device installed on march 23rd.

thank you in advance for all your help.


Dr. Michael Katz


Have you tried deleting the iiPhone/iPad App and reinstall it again?

Also try using the WD Photos app to upload your pictures, this will help verify if the problem is related to the My Cloud app.