My Cloud is not connected after OS5 update

After the update to OS5 I can no longer access the server I’m in another city, so I asked my friend to turn the server back on because I thought that it might have crashed. Surprisingly, the server was still on but on the app and on the fritzbox it shown as offline.Screenshot_20201031-101237_My Cloud

@Black_Flame What is the model of your Fritzbox? Does it have Firewall enabled and possibly blocking and filtering ports or any parental controls? Please contact support and provide this information along with your My Cloud system logs.

my Fritz box is a 6660 the problem with me is the dns of my cloud runs over raspberry and there is pihole and unbound installed. I cannot recognize wd over the fritzbox dashboard or access the wd dashboard so that I can change the dns to DHCP. it is also not accessible via ssh, SMB or FTP. WD is invisible to me But it’s on, I don’t know what to do

@Black_Flame Doing the 4 sec pin reset will reset the network layer.