My Cloud is just a pain


I have been trying to find a way to deactivate my online mycloud account, which is currently showing/contains old data from my faulty and unused cloud device. I wasted last couple of hours to delete this online account for remote access, but it seemingly is a big nightmare.

I could only find a way to delete device’s users, but nothing is there about the online mycloud portal accounts. Please help WD and community members.


I’ve never done it, but it appears you can delete a account from the Dashboard.

Cloud Access/<user>/ account for <user>/<dustbin>

You will probably need Cloud Access enabled to do this.

Thanks cpt_paranoa, but my device is physically damaged and unusable. I can’t access the device anymore. Is there anyway I can delete it through website.

Anyway Thanks for help. Regards

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t use much.

Note that if your device is offline and non-functional, its data is not present anywhere. is merely an access portal to your device, not a cloud-based duplicate. I guess it must be maintaining a directory listing. Unless, of course, you tell me you can still access your files…

ps. Apologies for missing the fact you can’t get to the dashboard…

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