My Cloud is having trouble connecting to the server

I’m having the same problem but not able to log into the mobile app either.

I’ve been having connection issues for 3 hours now. Please work on a fix soon. I use this for work!

I have the same problems. Unable to access mycloud. Still having info: “My Cloud is having trouble connecting to the server. Check your internet connection and try again”.

April 20th 2021 Now unable to connect with my WD drive. Check my internet connection? My computer is connected to the internet? tried rebooting everything?
Great WD thanks

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What a nonsense i cant reach the disk next to me, why do we have use internet to use it. There should be a way to reach it when in same network while we have that kind of problems.

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updates on the status is in the link and some updates from their 3rd party software

Thank you for the information. Confirms that I need another external hard drive tomorrow from a different provider.

I do not have access to my disk my cloud home, I have disconnected it from the power source, I have restarted with the option of 4 seconds and the one of 40 seconds, neither works for me, my internet is fine, what to do?

same problem

I have the same problem

Hey WD how about trying to sort out this mess it’s been happening since 2018 I will never buy a WD product again, this is the second piece of plastic ■■■■ I’ve purchased from you and now have lost so many files and documents Thanks for nothing you **********. Go ahead and sue me for slander.

Having the same trouble…what is happening???

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Did you find a solution?

Hello, Has this problem been resolved as I’m experiencing the same issue? Thank you.


Please refer to the following KBA article (My Cloud Home: Unable to login to WD Discovery - Login Service Unavailable)


Has this issue been resolved and if so, what should we do?
I can get on to WD via the URL but when I try via the desktop app for mac, I still get this same message. That’s very annoying and in fact the app becomes useless.
How can I get WD drive in my finder? That would be a way around it.